Nikki   Stylist/Owner

Stand back while she adjusts her crown!  This is Nikki, Cielo's Queen Bee and Captain of the Squad. A Minnesota native with the soul of an LA Beauty Queen, she takes pride in her reigning job as a "bad mama jama of 3 and endures wicked strength in all things hair related. She can bench 3 curling irons and can make a mess of a tail comb.  Top notch is how we like to described her.  A stylist of 20+ years, Nikki’s experience allows her to dominate the hair game with her styling expertise and she takes pride in educating others.   


Welcoming clients and staff with open arms, Nikki’s main goal is to uplift those around her and make Cielo a beautiful experience for all.  She is small but mighty and excited to have you as part of the family. 

Luie  Stylist

Miami’s original vice Luie with his flamboyant personality finds joy in styling all types of hair. He has a true passion for inhaling chicken tenders and the color orange. Utilizing his Paul Mitchell skills, he is sure to have you walk out and turn heads like never before!


When he’s not making up a good story you can find him strolling the streets of West Hollywood or soaking in the rays on our South Bay beaches!

Dez   Stylist

Naturally gifted in fine arts, we like to call Dez the Frida Kahlo of Cielo! She thrives at the thought of breakfast burritos morning, noon, or night. She always finds a pair of boots made for walking!

A Southern California Gal with a heart of gold, looks up to her Grandma and lives by her wise words of wisdom.  Dez has a niche for creating that perfect style that is suitable for each individual.  Her astounding hair styling skills will set you apart from any ole Jenny from the Block!

ananza Creative Director

Meet Ms. Ananza, Cielo’s Angel, with a halo glowing from here to Hollywood this vixen born in the City of Angels, is ready to spread her wings and thrive!  A recent graduate of Arizona State University, she spends her time dabbling in our human resources department, working on product stocks and levels. 


Behind the lens is where she really shines with an eye for art/photography, and a smile that will make you melt.  She enjoys frolicking with her feet in the sand while sipping a crisp peach pear La Croix. As Charlie’s would say…” she’s brilliant, she beautiful and she works for me!”

ashton  MKT/ Business Development

Muscle strength is highly important to this gym enthusiast who has a sweet tooth for life. Ashton has a charming demeanor which will cause you to instantly fall in love.  Driving any exotic car around the block is something he lives for, so toss this man the keys and let him burn some rubber. 

Ashton is currently studying to be a pilot to fly in the friendly skies.  His best Ashton”ism” is, “A strong eyebrow makes for a youthful figure” and we always anticipate the arrival of the next!




Cristal  Salon Coordinator

You don’t want to mess with this one! Cristal, born and raised in the golden state of California is one of our classy yet sassiest receptionists here at Cielo.


When she’s not booking appointments, working on inventory and slaying products, she can be found cruising the strand with her beautiful newborn baby girl! This spicy Latina will give you a run for your money on the dance floor with her killer moves!




aLEXA Creative Director