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Nikki   Stylist/Owner

Stand back while she adjusts her crown! This is Nikki, Cielo's Queen Bee and Captain of the Squad. A Minnesota native with the soul of an LA Beauty Queen, she takes pride in her reigning job as a "bad mama jama of 3 and endures wicked strength in all things hair related. She can bench 3 curling irons and can make a mess of a tail comb.  Top notch is how we like to described her.  A stylist of 20+ years, Nikki’s experience allows her to dominate the hair game with her styling expertise and she takes pride in educating others.   


Welcoming clients and staff with open arms, Nikki’s main goal is to uplift those around her and make Cielo a beautiful experience for all.  She is small but mighty and excited to have you as part of the family. 


IVY  Receptionist

Iveth is an iced coffee - ice on the side kinda gal. Her passion for all things Hispanic makes sense, since her first language is Spanish. This daredevil has one mission to complete before turning 30 ... to jump out of a plane (with a parachute, of course!) Why Ivy, and not Alejandra or Iveth? Nikki struggles pronouncing them correctly!


tessa  Stylist

When Tessa's not digging her toes into the sand, spiking a volleyball, this South Bay local can be found doing almost anything outdoors. Although she probably won't wear her tap shoes around the salon you may be able to sway her into doing a shuffle ball change or even a quick buffalo while you are processing. She's been doing hair as long as she can remember - just ask her grade school teachers!


YOU   Stylist Assistant

Want to learn from the best? We are hiring! Join us as we build up our team after the battle with the Covid shutdown. We have several spaces available and are looking to build up a team of hard working people with good attitudes that are ready to work!

Please contact us via email at or follow the link below to fill out a resume on indeed...

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